Wednesday, March 12, 2014


We did some printmaking last week.  Daughter used a piece of a clean meat tray to draw her image.  Her mom forgot to take a picture of that.  Sorry.

There was a lot of vocabulary to learn.  Daughter is using a brayer to create this pretty color on the ink plate.  The ink is water soluble printmaking ink, and now, Daughter knows all those terms and what they mean.

Here, Daughter is transferring ink from the brayer to her image.

Happy Cats?  That's where we volunteer once a month!

She printed her image in four colors.  She made the aqua color from blue and yellow, and the orange color from red and yellow.  Printmaking is a lot of fun, and she did a great job! :)


Bellen said...

Just lovely. She can make her own note cards now - lucky recipients!
I think it's wonderful to learn a craft does not involve opening a box that contains all the pre-made parts.

momma-lana said...

Very nice!

Theresa F said...

Hope all is well. I miss your weekly frugal accomplishments.

Mari said...

Laura, hope everything is okay... Thu haven't posted in a bit...

mentalutopia said...

I remember doing that as a child. :)


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